The January 7-9 winter weekend at the AMC’s Pinkham Notch brought out the best of those quintessential NERSFL characteristics of ingenuity and enthusiasm in overcoming would-be obstacles and facing new challenges. Little to no snow for the 60 energetic attendees? Only 1 kilometer of cross country trail open at Great Glen Touring Center? No problem! Snowshoeing is the thing to do!
With the provision of piles of snowshoes and an abundance of guides from the AMC, NERSFL enjoyed a Saturday in the good old outdoors traipsing along those lightly snow covered ski trails and a Sunday exploring more wooded areas such as the Square Ledge Ski Trail overlooking the Gulf of Slides. For some it was a new and intriguing experience. Joanne Jordan, VIP veteran skier but first-time snowshoer loved the experience. She exclaimed that she traveled so fast that she was stepping on the backs of her guide’s snowshoes. What a feeling of freedom and exhilaration! For Valeska, guiding for the first time was definitely a positive experience. She was happy (and probably relieved) to be matched with a VIP compatible in personality, ability and endurance. The slower pace and the opportunity it afforded to savor the beautiful scenery of the region in relatively balmy temperatures was more than enough to win over others such as guide Sue Crowley.
George and Jennifer snow shoeing at Great Glenn

And the weekend saw the return of Marty Mahler, a prominent and colorful personality at many regional and SFL International events of seasons past. At 81, he’s second in seniority only to Earle Prentiss (how old is Earle anyway?). But Marty didn’t even start skiing until after age 60 when he lost his sight. He departed the weekend vowing to buy himself a pair of snowshoes. Marty, a man of many talents and interests, entertained the group Saturday evening with a recitation of selections from his new book of poems, ‘Always a Way’. What an inspiration!

Other Saturday evening entertainment included a most successful and laugh-filled fundraising raffle. With $40 in raffle tickets in his pocket, it was only fitting that Richie Briggs won that vintage bottle of wine. Will Richie share it on the next trip ... ?