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Board of Directors

Trite as it may sound, ‘time does fly when you’re having fun’.  It hardly seems like more than two months ago since we skied and snowshoed at Great Glen and more than four months ago since we once again enjoyed the beauty and excellent hospitality at Craftsbury Outdoor Center.  The weather and the conditions were the best we’ve had in years for both weekends!  The blue skies, the snow pack on the trails and the warmth of the sun all conspired, with a healthy dose of NERSFL cheer and camaraderie, to make for 2 wonderful weekends for returning skiers and guides as well as for the several new skiers and guides who joined us.  The tulips are now up and the trees have new leaves as temperatures rise and days grow longer and so we turn our attention from the past to eagerly anticipating warm weather and NERSFL activities which will be featured elsewhere in this newsletter.


Terms of several  Board members are shortly coming to an end.  Nominations are open for four new Board members and a new slate of officers.  Please consider running for the board.  It takes relatively little time to offer your skills and enthusiasm to continue helping NERSFL grow.  There are two Board meetings per year done as conference calls so people from any state can participate as Board members.  Work is done between meetings in areas such as event planning, outreach, brochure and newsletter writing, fundraising and a myriad of other tasks.  This is one investment guaranteed to have a high rate of return!  If interested, please submit a brief bio including your areas of interest if elected to the Board and send to the NERSFL P.O. box by June 30, 2008.  If you have questions, please email or call the NERSFL phone line and leave a message for David Fisk. 

Happy spring!

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