Message from our President, Carolee Miller


 This past season for NERSFL has had some high points and some low points and I want to thank the leaders and board members who have put so much work into  it.  On the positive side, Mark Remaly had his tandem bike ride with four teams  on a very hot day in June. Everyone had a good time. Please see his review of  this ride on our web site. Alice Flyte had a walk in Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge and those who attended the walk and lunch afterward enjoyed it  very much.  On October 1, four students from the Rehab Club of the University  of Maine at Farmington drove down to guide on our Middlesex Fells Walk. Those who participated had a very  vigorous walk and enjoyed it.  We appreciate the help of the students as they made  up 80% of the guides on the walk. However, these events did not have a large number of participants enroll  and we were very limited in guide attendance.  A rather relaxed walk at Maudslay  State Park in Newburyport had only two participants sign up and it was not held because of rainy weather.  The August weekend in Connecticut had to be  canceled as we had only two guides register with seven participants.  I hope that  the winter events will have better attendance. Marie Hennessy is drawing up a survey form to see just what it is that the members want.  All members will be contacted for this survey. Please respond so that we may adapt our events accordingly.

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