Blind Stoker Tandem Ride
Saturday, June 12, 2004

A sunny and warm June morning, who could ask for more? What about a tandem bike ride? That makes for a perfect day for me and some dozen plus other folks! Nine tandem bike teams come together in Lincoln Mass at the Commuter Rail Parking Lot at 9am to meet and ride. There were
some familiar faces and some new ones. Some of the teams had been paired up before the ride, but there is always some last minute matching. There were 8 two-sweater bikes and one 3 sweater, called a triple, for our NERSFL group to ride. There were folks from Connecticut
and Mass. There was an option of going for a 20 or 30 mile ride. I think most of us choose the longer ride. The captains had cue sheets and several of them knew the area well enough to lead a few bikes
without any trouble. We rode in small groups and many bikes moved from
one group to another. Captains and stokers talked and laughed the way up and down hills through small towns and gathered for an outdoor lunch in Carlisle MA. There we bought our lunches and talked about the ride and anything else that a happy group of fun loving folks would. There were several people unfamiliar with New England Regional Ski for Light. We told them about our other activities such as cross country skiing and hiking and canoeing. I think we will have some new folks on future
trips. After lunch, we got back on the bikes and rode back to the barn. We met back at the starting point and cameraman Matt Hopkins took pictures of each pair on the bike. Matt also took some pictures while
riding his bike. These pictures can be seen at, scroll down left side navigation to Roving Photographer, Matt's Photos link.

Although there were a few "creative" routes taken by some who had missed
a turn, as far as I know everyone returned healthy and happy. Would we like to do it again? Oh Yeah! The ride was a success because several people took the time to help make phone calls and answer emails. A big Thank You to everyone who participated and all who helped. And a special thank you to all the captains who volunteered their time AND their bikes
for our ride.