1999 Ridderren

Medal/Position Results

Congratulations are in order to the 11 Americans who won medals and/or placed in the top three (3) positions of their respective categories at the 1999 Ridderren held in Beitostolen, Norway from March 14 through 21, 1999. Results are as follows:

1) 5K Biathlon

Gold Medal
Brown, Suzanne; Henry, Bill; Kozy, Mary; Stevens, Nancy; White, Phil

Silver Medal
Soule, Carole

    Bronze Medal
    Ashley, Dick; Campione, Fran; Schlank, Billie Ruth
2) 10K Men
    Gold Medal
    Henry, Bill; White, Phil
3) 5K Women
    Gold Medal
    Kozy, Mary; Stevens, Nancy

    Silver Medal
    Brown, Suzanne; Peterson, Brit

    Bronze Medal
    Campione, Fran; Schlank, Billie Ruth; Soule, Carole

4) 20K Ridderrenn First Place
Henry, Bill; Kozy, Mary;  Stevens, Nancy; White, Phil

Second Place
Brown, Suzanne

Third Place
Ashley, Dick; Hansen, Maria; Soule, Carole

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